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Can you sell a broken phone?

Can you sell a broken phone?

If you’ve got a broken mobile phone sat on the shelf at home, you might think it’s impossible to sell because let’s face it, who would buy a broken phone? You might be surprised to learn that Webuyanyphone buys thousands of broken phones every year. You might also be surprised to find out how much it’s worth. This may sound like madness, but many broken phones are still valuable, if only for spare parts. Whatever you do, don’t leave your old broken phones in the drawer or the cupboard – dig them out and turn them into cash.


What happens to old mobile phones?

Every broken phone is different, so what happens to the phone will depend on the age of the phone and the damage caused to the phone.

The oldest phones are most likely to be recycled for parts and their metal content. This is simply because either they are too slow to work with the latest apps and operating systems or there simply isn’t anyone who wants to buy them.

Newer phones maybe repaired and re-conditioned depending on what their damage is. If the phone simply needs a new screen(the most common damage to phones)it can be repaired and re-conditioned relatively easily. Water damaged phones are often worth very little because they can’t be reliably repaired, even if they are newer models.


Who buys second-hand / refurbished phones?

Thousands of second-hand / refurbished phones are sold every day in the UK – the market is huge and growing by the day. With such a high demand for refurbished phones, its no surprise that selling a broken phone can be so profitable. Once you've sold your broken phone, you'll have cash ready to purchase a newer model.

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