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Top things you can ask Siri

Top things you can ask Siri

You either love Siri or hate it, there doesn't seem to be much inbetween, 

On most Apple devices, you can use Siri hands-free just by starting your request with "Hey Siri." Or by simply pressing a button. For those that hate Siri, this feature has probably been disable already!

Some things you can ask Siri:

To make a call

"Hey Siri, call Paul."

"Hey Siri, call Emma's mobile on speakerphone."

To send a message

"Hey Siri, send a message to Richard Jones."

"Hey Siri, text Adrian and Charlotte, 'Where are you?'"

To find information

"Hey Siri, what's the weather for today?"

"Hey Siri, how high is Big Ben ?"

To get directions

"Hey Siri, find a cafe near me."

"Hey Siri, get directions to the nearest petrol station."

Play music

"Hey Siri, play Radio X."

"Hey Siri, play the new Ed Sheeran track."

Find your Apple device

"Hey Siri, where's my iPhone?"

"Hey Siri, find my AirPods."

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